Nordic Solutions for Sustainable Water Future

Together with Young Water Professionals from the Nordics, the Nordic Pavilion at IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022 presents outstanding Nordic solutions for the global water sector in collaboration with Svenskt Vatten, Norsk Vann, Finnish Water Forum, Samorka and Nordic Innovation Fund. The pavilion is a meeting point and a knowledge hub to foster dialogue and to share best practices of Nordic water solutions and innovative collaborations.

Nordic Pavilion



Young Water Professionals (YWP):
Working in the Water Sector – Networking Session


Young Water Professionals (YWP): Panel debate: Unleashing the full Potential of Nature-Based Solutions


Young Water Professionals (YWP):
YWP as Future Leaders



Lunch seminar: Nordic Water Services

Svenskt Vatten / Erik Karlsson. Swedish water services. Possibilities for the future. (SE)
Watersprint / André Carlsson. UV LED enables reuse/recycling of future water resources. Sustainable water disinfection from Lund, Sweden (SE)
Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY / Pirjo Daavittila. Digitalisation, continuity management, resilience of water services (FI)
Turku Region Water Ltd. Dr. Aki Artimo/ Geological Survey of Finland GTK // Jussi Ahonen: Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) solutions for sustainable water management (FI)
W. Giertsen AS, Frank Mohn (NO) Robot for cleaning inaccessible water reservoirs in operation.
Pumpemodul AS Berber Korf (NO) Innovative and sustainable waste water transport 
Sigrún Tómasdóttir, Veitur / Reykjavík Energy (IS) Water quality monitoring during a volcanic eruption  


Coffee Break: Nordic Solutions for water challenges in India – A Joint Initiative by SPRING and Water Actors from India, EU and the Nordics

Indo-Nordic-Water Forum and opportunities in Indian market, Mr. Antti Herlevi, Senior Project Manager at Finnish Water Forum 



SWIM – Innovative Smart Water Management Platform for Water Utilities

Nokia Networks: Open & secure communication for Water Utilities – connecting everything, everywhere / Dominique Verhulst, Global Energy Practice Leader: 
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Energy efficient data transfer in smart water networks / Olli Apilo Senior scientist 
ABLOY Critical Infrastructure, For Trust in Smart Water / Yusif Sadikhov Integration Programme Lead 


Lunch Seminar: Nordic Smart Solutions

Kuopio Water Cluster/ Patryk Wójtowicz: R&D and demonstration platforms for smart water applications (FI),  
Keypro / Noora Liljanto: Data from the field to analyses: Network condition management (FI) 
Fluidit / Markus Sunela: Managing risk and improving resilience in water supply using models and digital twins (FI) 
Scandinavian Water Technology AB / Per Hansson. Detergent free cleaning and laundry with DIRO. Possibilities for economic and environmental savings. (SE) 
Volue Technology AS  Digital Water – The Norwegian way Dr Jon Røstum, Chief strategist Volue (NO)  
Hlöðver Stefán Þorgeirsson, Veitur / Reykjavik Energy (IS) Efficient communications during a global pandemic (IS)


LAUNCH: Nordic Climate Mitigation Report

  • DANVA – Danish Water and Wastewater Association
  • FIWA – Finnish Water Utilities Association
  • Norsk Vann – Norwegian Water
  • Svenskt Vatten – Swedish Water and Wastewater Association.



Lunch Seminar: Nordic Urban Resilience

Airwatergreen / Bo Tiderman. Energy efficient solutions for air treatment that prevent damage to buildings and infrastructure but also provide a better and healthier indoor climate. (SE) 
DRIZZLE / Maria Viklander. DRIZZLE – a centre of excellence where partners collaborate to co-create and implement pioneering, research-based solutions for sustainable stormwater management. (SE) 
Bærum Utility – InnoVann – storm water management – a project in Bærum municipality outside of Oslo Hans Thoresen (NO) 
HIAS How2O – Sondre Eikås (NO). The Hias Process – MBBR-based EBPR  
Oslo Utility, project manager in Oslo Water and Sewerage works Synnøve Halle (NO)  Zero emission construction sites.  
Tampere University / Sami Oikarinen: Wastewater-Based Virus Surveillance as a Pandemic Preparedness Tool – a WastPan Subproject (FI) 
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. / Laura Wendling: Nature-based solutions and natural water retention measures for urban resilience and liveability (FI) 

Towards a Nordic Climate Neutral Water Sector

Released at IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, 14 September 2022, the working document – ‘The Road Towards a Nordic Climate Neutral Water Sector’ presents the objective to reach a common understanding of national climate accounting models and to create common principles for making climate accounting models for the water sector in the Nordic countries. The report is a collaboration between EnviDan and the four Nordic Water and Wastewater Associations:

  • DANVA – Danish Water and Wastewater Association
  • FIWA – Finnish Water Utilities Association
  • Norsk Vann – Norwegian Water
  • Svenskt Vatten – Swedish Water and Wastewater Association.

Nordic water sector in brief

The Nordic countries have similar conditions and challenges related to water, which has led the Nordic countries to combine their resources, technologies and knowledge to national sustainability goals. This unique pool of expertise can also offer outstanding water expertise for reaching global sustainability goals such as SDG6.

The Nordic Water Utilities Associations’ cooperation is a good example of established cooperation with regular activities. The cooperation ensures exchange of information, best practices and collaboration of mutually beneficial projects. The largest water and wastewater utilities in the Nordic countries have i.e. established a benchmarking cooperation, spreading across 11 major Nordic cities.

The Nordic countries offer comprehensive expertise in sustainable water solutions.

Young Water Professionals

It is clear that the water sector should invest in recruitment, management and development of young staff, as well as put them at the forefront of design, development and implementation of current change processes. It is not a concern of the future, it is happening now!

The Nordic countries invest in Young Water Professionals, by empowering them within the association and the water sector. Young members will be able to build their career in this network, by connecting and contributing (work with peers internationally) to the water sector, and through this build their network, develop professionally, and gain profile

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